Friday, March 6, 2009


Nasi goreng ini sering menjadi menu pagi ku dulu waktu masih sekolah...
Mungkin Bunda masak nasi goreng ini karena sisa nasi semalam yg masih banyak atau karena bikinnya yg cepet..
Belum lagi ku tanyakan pada Bunda.. ah,yang penting khan enak..hehe

Bahan :
- Nasi putih 1mangkuk sedang
- Ikan teri 50grm
- Daging ayam 100grm
- kacang panjang 2ulas
- Kangkung secukupnya.

Bumbu :
- Bawang merah 3siung
- Bawang putih 2siung
- Cabe rawit (ikut suka)
- Garam
- Perasa

Cara membuat :
- Daging ayam dihiris dadu/kecil2
- Kacang panjang dan cabe rawit potong tipis
- Petik kangkung dan bersihkan
- Goreng ikan teri/bilis sampai garing, tiriskan

- Panaskan 4sdt minyak masak
- Tumis bawang merah dan bawang putih yang sudah dicincang halus
- masukkan daging ayam, kacau cepat sampai daging masak
- masukkan kacang panjang,cabe dan kangkung
- masukkan garam dan perasa
- masukkan nasi putih, aduk rata sampai masak
- Campurkan ikan teri/bilis yang sudah di goreng tadi
- Angkat, hidangkan hangat2.

English version
I remembered fondly the fried rice is a regular menu for my breakfast before going to school. Perhaps,it the plenty of rice left over from last night meal or it was the quickest way to prepared by mom. so sure... Never have a chance to ask her. But ...hey... as long as its good to eat...who care...he....he...
~ A medium size bowl of rice (a Chinese rice bowl is just nice for 2 persons meal).
~ 50 g. of anchovy
~ 50 g. of Chicken Breast ( preferred)
~ 2 strip of String Bean
~ kangkung ( water spinach) just a little bit .
~ Soy sauce just for the taste of saltiness.
Ingredient for the paste
~ 3 cloves of Red Onion
~ 2 cloves of Garlic
~ some Chilli if your prefered it hot.
~ Salt and a little bit of seasoning .
~ Cut the chicken breast into cube ( or bite size preferred)
~ Cut the String Bean and Chilli
~ Fried the anchovy untill crisp or crunchy, dry it from the axcess oil.
~ Chop the Red Onion and Garlic into fine size.
Note: my husband preferred to smash ( with a knife) and chop the onion and garlic.
~ Pre-heat 4 table spoon of cooking oil into a wok.
~ Sauteing but at a higher temperature ( as you know Asian cooking required a very hot wok) the red onion and garlic.
~ Now , add the chicken breast ( the size of cube) into the wok, stir it. Make sure it become grey in color which mean it is cooked.
~ Then ,the string bean and water spinach. Add salt and seasoning .
~ Lastly, the rice. Stir it with soy sauce. Or you can left this soy sauce if you preferred not to daken the rice or less salty.
~ Add the anchovy.
Voila! Your fried rice is ready to served!
There are many ways to fry rice. You could try various ingredient such as substitute the chicken breast with beef. Or break an egg and stir it into the rice while it is hot in the wok.
In Malaysia, the term "Nasi Goreng Kampung " is referred to the country style of preparation.
Here , we have anchovy, water spinach and string bean normally readied in the kitchen. So, it's a kind of some convenience and fastest way to prepared a meal.
For more on Indonesian cooking , you may want to check out some good cookbook from

Classic Indonesian Cooking: 70 traditional dishes from an undiscovered cuisine, shown step-by-step in over 250 simple-to-follow photographs


  1. Hi there - My brother just returned back from Indonesia, after a year. He was teaching english in Yogyakarta.

    There, he used to eat this dish called "Tahu Kentucky" - do you know where I can find a recipe for it? He said street vendors sell it.

    Thanks!!! Asha

  2. Thank you for your inquiry.I have never tried Tahu Kentucky before . However get the recipe from my buddy in Yogyakarta.

    Meanwhile , keep checking this site as I'm planning to help to translate it into English.

    Cheers! Anna